Why Dr. Drew’s HLN Show Was Cancelled

His longtime radio show Loveline came to a close earlier this year, and now TV viewers will also be getting a lot less of him, as HLN has pulled the plug on his health-centered series Dr. Drew on Call

Caitlyn Jenner to be named Glamour’s ‘Woman of the Year’?

Glamour Magazine may name Caitlyn Jenner its “Woman of the Year.” Some are calling the award an insult to women everywhere. Dr. Drew and his panelists discuss.

Dr. Drew talks domestic abuse

HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky talks to guests about the secret shame of domestic abuse. For more informaton please visit http://www.hlntv.com/video/2011/05/12/dr-drew-talks-domestic-abuse

HLN: Dr. Drew talks about his new HLN show

HLN’s Joy Behar talks with Dr. Drew Pinsky about news he will be hosting his own show on HLN in 2011.

CNN: Dr. Drew: ‘Charlie Sheen is clearly manic’

Dr. Drew examines Charlie Sheen’s mental state following his recent radio rant. “Dr. Drew” premieres April 4th on HLN.