What John Krasinski Will Miss The Most About Playing Jack Ryan

John Krasinski begins his third season of Jack Ryan on Dec. 21, but the end is in sight.

John Krasinski And Michael Kelly On Why The Office Is Still So Loved

John Krasinski and Michael Kelly are back on our screens in the political thriller ‘Jack Ryan’, but they tells us why ‘The Office’ is still so loved and John reveals why it’s the thing he’s most proud of.
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Jack Ryan: John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce & Michael Kelly Talk Season 3

Jack Ryan, the hit series adapted from the work of author Tom Clancy, is returning to Prime Video with an explosive eight-episode Season 3 after a long three-year wait for fans. On top of the pandemic, Jack Ryan films on-location, and Season 3 is upping the ante on a nuclear level. When John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan uncovers a rogue faction’s secret plans for Russia to reinstate the USSR, the CIA opts to stand down. Believing that this could lead to devastating consequences, Ryan dodges commands and becomes the target of not only the extremists but the CIA, as well.

Returning to the fold with Krasinski, who also serves as executive producer, are co-stars Wendell Pierce, who plays Ryan’s former boss James Greer, and Michael Kelly as CIA field officer Mike November. Joining Season 3 will be Betty Gabriel (Get Out), taking over as Chief of Station, Elizabeth Wright, Nina Hoss (Homeland) as President of Czech Alena Kovac, Michael Peña, James Cosmo, and more.

Collider’s Steve Weintraub was able to speak with Jack Ryan’s stars ahead of the Season 3 premiere on December 21. During their interview, Krasinski reveals which of Clancy’s novels Season 3 is inspired by, and comments on the close parallel to real-world issues. They also talk about the difficult action sequences, Kelly both praises and laments Krasinski’s vision for the series, and they share the crazy antics that go on behind the scenes.

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Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date & Teaser with John Krasinski, Abbie Cornish & Dina Shihabi!

In this Video, I would like to share with you “Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date & Teaser with John Krasinski, Abbie Cornish & Dina Shihabi!”. I hope you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to leave comments below!

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Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date & Teaser with John Krasinski, Abbie Cornish & Dina Shihabi!
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‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3 Interviews | John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Nina Hoss & More

The stars of ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 3 including John Krasinski (Jack Ryan/Executive Producer), Wendell Pierce (James Greer), Michael Kelly (Mike November), Nina Hoss (Alena Kovac), and Betty Gabriel (Elizabeth Wright) discuss their Prime Video series in this interview with CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell. They dive into what makes this season bigger and better than those that came before it and much more.

00:00 – Intro
00:17 – How John Krasinski Kept Jack Ryan’s Season 3 Arc Grounded, Yet Fresh And Exciting
02:08 – Betty Gabriel On Being A Series Newcomer
03:03 – Nina Hoss Has A Complicated Relationship With Previous ‘Jack Ryan’ Material
04:43 – How Wendell Pierce Handled Greer Supporting Jack Ryan From Afar This Season
05:51 – What Will Surprise Fans About Nina Hoss’s Czech President Alena Kovac
06:24 – Should You Binge ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3? Betty Gabriel Has Thoughts
07:12 – How Filming The Penultimate Season Was Different For John Krasinski

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