Star Wars’ Ahsoka Series Is Bringing In Ezra Bridger, And We Finally Know Who’s Playing Him

Ahsoka is bringing in Ezra Bridger, and we finally know who’s playing him in the Star Wars series.


Congrats to Eman on landing the big role of Ezra Bridger, I’m sure he’ll do very well.
I wonder if Ezra will fall to the dark side with Thrawn once Ahsoka finds him, or if he’s still on the path of the light side.

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Ahsoka Finding Ezra! The Weirdest Thing About The Ahsoka Series if it is The Search for Ezra Bridger

The Ahsoka Tano series is coming! And it’s rumored to be the search for Ezra Bridger, so I share a theory about what we might see in the show.

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HUGE Ahsoka Character Leaks, Ezra Bridger Details, 2025 Movie Update & More Star Wars News!

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In this Star Wars news update, we talk about the Ahsoka series, a spin-off of the Mandalorian Season 3 as new details for Thrawn, Ezra Bridger and other characters has emerged for the Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau show. Lucasfilm are focusing on this new era that will see Din Djarin and Grogu at the forefront. We also have updates for the future of Star Wars movies and we discuss The Bad Batch Season 2 which comes to Disney+ after Andor and Tales of the Jedi.

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0:00 Thrawn’s Chimaera Will Appear in Ahsoka
1:05 Babylon is an Order 66 Survivor & Shin is his Dark Apprentice
2:34 Ezra Went Into Hiding After Rebels
3:13 Mon Mothma Will Appear in the Mandoverse
4:41 Mandalorian Season 3 Final Trailer Doubtful for Tomorrow
4:57 Damon Lindelof’s 2025 Movie Update
6:04 Dave Filoni Involved?
6:32 Taika Waititi & Kevin Feige’s Movies Might Not Happen
7:05 Star Wars in 2023 | Are fans excited?
8:02 Extra Jibber Jabber/Patreon Preview
8:47 Outro

THIS MAJOR SECRET Finally Is Revealed in Ahsoka Series!

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