Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones Shares Fun Story About Not Recognizing Hollywood ‘Legend’ David Cronenberg For First Scene With Kovich

Doug Jones shared the story about seeing David Cronenberg on the set of Star Trek: Discovery and initially having no idea who he was.

Discovery Jumps to 32nd Century Earth | Star Trek Discovery “People of Earth”

The starship Discovery is greeted by the Earth Defense Force upon arriving home.

Season 3 Episode 3
“People of Earth”

Jett Reno being the best crew member for nearly 17 minutes | Star Trek: Discovery

aka. Jett Reno’s Best Moments in Star Trek: Discovery seasons 2 and 3.

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Culber Scans The State Of The Crew – Star Trek Discovery 3×04

Culber Scans The State Of The Crew – Star Trek Discovery 3×04

Sir! Get off my ass, sir!

My Favorite Star Trek Vignettes

Star Trek: Discovery, Episode 2×14 “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part Two”

COMMANDER SARU: Mr. Rhys, set all phasers for automatic targeting, maximum power and range.
MR. RHYS: Aye, Commander.
COMMANDER SARU: Owo, bring the emergency generators on line.
OFFICER OWO: Shields holding at 70%.
CAPTAIN GEORGIOU: Leland won’t destroy this ship immediately. He’ll cripple us and take the data. Then he’ll break Discovery down for parts.
COMMANDER SARU: Do you have anything relevant to offer?
CAPTAIN GEORGIOU: Invite him aboard.
COMMANDER SARU: Whatever you have in mind, this is not a two-pronged mission. The first priority is to get. Discovery to safety with Commander Burnham.
CAPTAIN GEORGIOU: For you, perhaps. You should know me well enough by now to know I leave very little to chance. Especially when it comes to revenge.
COMMANDER RENO: Good to go. Crystal’s fully charged.
COMMANDER SARU: Ensign Tilly, go with her and make sure it gets to Commander Burnham safely.
COMMANDER RENO: He means in case one of us gets dead along the way.
COMMANDER RENO: I’m going, I’m going. Get off my ass. Sir! Get off my ass, sir!

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