Member of the fm Group for North America.

Skilled and Dedicated Teams

Research & Development

  • High organoleptic standards
  • Constant innovation : introduction of 250 new products every year
  • Regular product development workshops FOR and WITH our clients
  • A complete control over all meals : from proteins to sides components


  • A flexible and appropriate production site for medium and full-scale production
  • Multi-technology options (frozen meals, pasteurized meals)
  • Multi-packaging control (plastic tray, aluminum container, box,…)
  • Proteins cooked on site: seafood, beef, chicken, lamb, veal and pork, in a variety of styles
  • Well-established strength in Asian cuisine and pasta dishes


  • Over 50,000 bacteriological analyses performed every year
  • Organoleptic tests performed by panels of experts
  • International certifications